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Michelle is a certified provider of It Takes Two to Talk, an innovative approach to speech therapy that is grounded in research and used by trained, certified therapists across the globe. 


Parents can work with Michelle in either individual sessions or in group sessions with other parents. The It Takes Two to Talk curriculum is used in both individual and group sessions.  


Upcoming Groups: Contact Michelle to learn more

  • February- May 2019

  • September- November 2019


Two caregivers from each family are encouraged to participate for the entire program in both individual and group models. Children benefit when their parents, grandparents, nannies/ babysitters, or any other caregiver who is routinely interacting with them participate in this program. 


Evaluations are available for children who may be a candidate for It Takes Two to Talk. Children who have had an evaluation within the past 12 months do not need additional assessment.  



It Takes Two to Talk is a unique form of language intervention focused on parent and caregiver education. It is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years) who have been identified as having a language delay. It is great for children who are not yet talking and for children who talk less than we would expect for their age. ITTT provides parents the knowledge and skills they need to become their child’s expert language teacher.


Parents who complete It Takes Two to Talk:

  • learn over 20 different expert strategies to support their child’s language development everyday

  • are supported in planning and practicing home activities utilizing learned strategies 

  • build community with other parents and families

  • gain access to ongoing support as their child grows

  • provide their child with significantly increased therapy hours during everyday activities


Research shows that children benefit more when their parents and primary caregivers are able to be more active participants in the therapy process. It Takes Two to Talk is for parents, grandparents, nannies or any adult who cares for a young child (birth to 5 years) who has been identified as having a language delay. 


It Takes Two to Talk is an evidenced-based program developed by the Hanen Center

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