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Frequently Asked Questions

How is It Takes Two to Talk different from traditional speech and language therapy?


Although traditional speech therapy may involve some parent training there is typically not enough time to fully educate a caregiver. In It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT), you will learn over 20 different strategies you can use to support your child’s language development everyday. After completing the program you will be your child’s expert language teacher.  

Your therapist will support you in planning activities and practicing the strategies in your own home with your child’s favorite toys.  Over time these strategies will become second nature, and you will be able to support your child’s language development without even thinking about it. After completing ITTT your child will be receiving language therapy during daily routines and activities all week long.  


What is the difference between the group and individual classes?

The group classes consist of 3-6 families (6-12 adults). The group setting allows parents to build community and learn from one another. Group classes are 2.5 hours each and involve activities and exercises that allow for further learning. Individual parent sessions are made up of the two caregivers from one family and are 1 hour in length. While less information is covered in individual sessions, all learning is tailored to the specific needs of one child.  


Will ITTT teach me how to improve my child’s articulation?


No. ITTT only teaches strategies related to improving language development.  


Should my child continue traditional speech and language therapy while we participate in ITTT?


This is up to you. In ITTT, the parent is the therapist, so some families choose to take a break from traditional language therapy. If your child is receiving speech therapy for another speech related difficulty, such as feeding or articulation, you will need to continue services for those needs.  


I do not have time for the entire 12-week session. Do you offer a shorter version?  


The investment you put in now will continue to pay off during every interaction you have with your child, so we are unable to shorten the program. Both the group and individual models require a 12-week time commitment; however once you learn the strategies, they will become such a natural part of the way you communicate that you won’t even notice you are using them.

Do you have other questions? Reach out and schedule a complimentary introductory call. 

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