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About Michelle

Michelle's Story


Michelle Milam, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a speech language pathologist supporting families of young children who have delayed language skills. Michelle helps parents and other caregivers give their child the best possible start by teaching them how to be their child’s most important teacher. 

Michelle completed her undergraduate education at Baylor University and her masters at Vanderbilt University where she was the recipient of the Russell J. Love award for outstanding student in both academic and clinical settings.  She has worked at a major hospital as well as in private practice, and has over 12 years experience working with young children who struggle with communication.  


Michelle's passion for helping children communicate began at a young age when her own brother was diagnosed with a severe language impairment, requiring a variety of therapies throughout his childhood and adolescence.  Years later, Michelle experienced the parent side of pediatric therapy with her own daughter.  Both these experiences led Michelle to believing in the importance of parent coaching as an integral piece of therapy for young children.  

Michelle understands that pediatric therapy is most effective when the whole family is actively participating. Parents who work with Michelle learn valuable strategies they can use at home to support their child’s language development during everyday routines and activities. Research shows that children benefit more when parents have the knowledge and skills to become a more active participant in the therapy process.  

Michelle is a committed lifelong learner and knows the importance of staying up to date in the field of speech language pathology.  She is trained to work with individuals, groups and families.  Michelle is certified with the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, a member of the Hanen Centre, and recipient of the ACE award for exceeding expectations in the area of continued education.  

You can reach out to Michelle at

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